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A Really Sad Day

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Paul the Unicorn was sad one day. When he got up in the morning the sun was up in the sky and Paul was happy because it was winter and it had been raining before. Then Paul ate breakfast and the sun decided to play hide-and-go-seek but it didn’t tell Paul that until after it was hiding so it was really unfair. Come out Sun said Paul but the sun didn’t because it was being mean and hiding from him and then the rainclouds decided to also play and hide the sun from Paul by making the sky black and rainy. Then Paul was sad and started to cry because the sun wasn’t playing fair and also he couldn’t find his Grandma to make more cookies for him so that was sad. Also Paul hit is toe when looking for the sun under a fallen tree and it hurt a lot. Then the sun saw that Paul was sad so it came out again and the then Paul was happy and said thank you Sun because it was nice out again.
The End.


About Caiti

The muse that influences my right hand is pretty amazing, as far as centuries-old muses go, but the one that influences my left hand –when it takes to writing– is five years old...

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