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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Larry the Turtle

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One day Larry the turtle fell in love. It wasn’t a little love or anything, it was a really big love. Larry was really happy because he was in love, and went everywhere with her. She was really beautiful for a rock, the prettiest kind you ever had seen. She was pinkish and purplish and bluish and red, and had little flecks of gold that Larry said sparkled like the stars. What Larry didn’t know was that Paul the Unicorn loved Hermia too. Paul the Unicorn loved Hermia like a summer breeze on a hot day, like a rose without thorns in the middle of a bunch of thorns. Larry loved Hermia more, but Paul the Unicorn was a lot bigger than Larry so he got first dibs. Fortunately Paul was a nice unicorn so he told Larry that he could love Hermia because he liked cookies more.
The End.