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The Fair

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One day Paul’s cool aunt Mira came to take him to the fair. Paul was really excited because he wanted some cotton candy and his aunt said she would buy him some. Paul and his cool aunt Mira went to the fair and they saw a clown and went on the merry go round and they went to get cotton candy. Paul saw a butterfly and chased after it but when he turned around his aunt was gone. Where are you Paul said but she didn’t answer because she was lost. Paul looked all over but he couldn’t find her anywhere. Then Paul heard his name and it was his aunt she wasn’t lost anymore. Thank goodness I found you Paul she said and Paul said you shouldn’t get lost like that.
The End.


About Caiti

The muse that influences my right hand is pretty amazing, as far as centuries-old muses go, but the one that influences my left hand –when it takes to writing– is five years old...

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