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Once upon a time there lived a unicorn named Paul. Paul liked to eat cookies, he liked to smell flowers and he really liked squirrels. One day Paul was eating a leaf when he saw a squirrel running away. Paul said squirrel come back but the squirrel didn’t hear him so Paul was sad. Then there was a noise and Paul said who’s there but it was only a leprechaun so Paul went to the magic rainbow pool for a drink. There was somebody already there and Paul said who are you and then the person turned around and it was a fairy. Paul said I don’t believe in fairies magic is only in fairy-tales and so the fairy poofed away.
The End.


About Caiti

The muse that influences my right hand is pretty amazing, as far as centuries-old muses go, but the one that influences my left hand –when it takes to writing– is five years old...

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